SQL: Join two tables with different type of columns

I have two tables with following columns:

Table 1:

OrderID    RetailerName    SKUs (varchar)    OrderDate ------------------------------------------------------- 123        ABC             1,2               2016-11-11 124        DEF             3,4               2016-11-12 

Table 2:

SKU(int)          Product -------------------------- 1                 xx 2                 xy 3                 xz 4                 yx 

Expected output:

OrderID   RetailerName   OrderDate   Product --------------------------------------------   123     ABC            2016-11-11  xx   123     ABC            2016-11-11  xy   124     DEF            2016-11-12  xz   124     DEF            2016-11-12  yx 

How do I join these two tables based on SKU i.e. how do I compare SKUs (varchar) column from table1 with SKU (int) column from table2?

Asked on September 1, 2020 in Mysql.
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I would suggest normalizing the schema as @Sodmond suggested. However, if this is not an option, you could use find_in_set for the join condition – it will implicitly convert the int from table2 to a character:

SELECT t1.OrderID, RetailerName, OrderDate, Product FROM   table1 t1 JOIN   table2 t2 ON FIND_IN_SET(t2.sku, t1.skus) > 0 
Answered on September 1, 2020.
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You need to redesign your schema, Check how I recreate the table for you.

table1:  OrderID      RetailerName          SKUs(int)              OrderDate 123          ABC                   1                        2016-11-11 123          ABC                   2                        2016-11-11 124          DEF                   3                        2016-11-12 124          DEF                   3                        2016-11-12   table2:  SKU(int)          Product 1                 xx 2                 xy 3                 xz 4                 yx 

Avoid storing multiple values in the SKU field, then you will be able to use the join query.

Answered on September 1, 2020.
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