Exporting SQL data into certain queries?

I have a excel sheet with over 200 records. I already have an existing table on my SQL developer. I want to export my existing data I already have into the specified query. I’m not sure how to do that.

I want it so it reads data from excel sheets and grabs data from the column. My maptype and looptype would be the same, ERP1,ERP2 would be from my excel sheet. So I want to specifiy what column it should read and upload.

Here is my query that inserts data into my existing table.

For example:

Insert into CROSSREF (MAPTYPE,LOOKUPTYPE,ERP1,ERP2,ERP3,ERP4,ERP5,MANH1,MANH2,MANH3,MANH4,MANH5,CROSSREF_ID) values ('GH','CarrierID','IMPD','Greensboro',null,null,null,'10','IMC','Greensboro',null,null,SEQ_CROSSREF_ID.nextval); 

Here is my image of my table

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